Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Target Store Guide

Target can be a little TRICKY! They have a ton of coupon rules, so you definitely need to make sure you understand their policies before you go shopping!!
Check out theCorporate Coupon Policy and Price Matching Policy that can be found on Target's website.. Make sure to print both of these off and carry them with you whenever you shop at Target.
Target can be a great store to shop at if you know what you’re doing and with that I mean–know how to use your coupons correctly, know what to look for while shopping and know that it’s OK to stick up for yourself!

Target Tips:

  • Target� has in-store coupons that can be paired up with manufacturer coupons for even more savings! You can print these coupons from the Target site or from here! However, you CANNOT print these coupons from the Target kiosk in-stores anymore. I show that you can in the video, but since then they have updated their coupon system and so now you’re no longer able to. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Make sure to always hand over all your manufacturer coupons first–before Target store coupons. This will help with less coupon beepage–which us couponers try to avoid at all costs!:-)
  • When shopping keep your eyes peeled for red clearance stickers, peelie and tearpad coupons, price cuts and other discounts! Usually combining these type of sales with coupons will result in some sweet deals!
  • Another promotion to look for while shopping and in the weekly ads are Target Gift Card deals! These gift card promotions may be weekly, monthly or even longer than that. You can find out about these by either flipping through the weekly ad (some are not advertised) or looking for signs in-stores!� Usually you have to buy certain participating products and by doing so, you’ll get a Target gift card when checking out. The Cashier will be prompted by the register to give you a gift card. You won’t be able to use the gift card on that purchase, but you can use the gift card on future purchases. Another great thing, is that unlike Register Rewards, you can keep “rolling” the same gift card deals over and over again! This helps to lower your out of pocket expense!
  • Finally, remember that you are doing nothing wrong! If you get a grouchy cashier, just ignore them and smile… you’re obviously in a better place and they most likely want to be where you are!:-)

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