Saturday, September 12, 2009

Awesome Target Purchase!

I got all of the above for just at $7.
4 boxes of pop tarts, 4 boxes of ritz, 4 boxes of ritz crackerfuls, 2 packs of chips ahoy, 1 box pepperidge farm cookies, 4 small 'cups' of cheerios, 2 boxes of wheat thins, 3 boxes of Fiber One cereal, 6 packs of Bic pens, and 1 candy bar (was Wyatt's suprise for helping me).

I won't do a rundown of what all I used to get this, but I did the Fiber One and the Nabisco gift card deals, as well as threw in other things that I had coupons for.

The small cups of cheerios were .95 and there is a Target coupon for $1 off a GM cereal. If you can find any of these then it's a good deal=Free!

I did mess up on this one...a screaming baby, long lines, and cashiers rushing me didn't help! If I had added 2 more boxes of Ritz then my total would have come down to about $2 for everything! But somehow I lost the 2 boxes on the way to the register and didn't have it in me to go back for more!

This next week there is a great Kashi gift card deal so watch for a rundown on coupons soon!

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