Friday, October 30, 2009

Rattlesnake Rules

"Animals learn rules by living
They have no books or schools
Please pay attention to this story
For even rattlesnakes have rules"

Yes, my friends - even rattlesnakes have rules! Wyatt and I can tell you all about those rules, thanks to a really cool book by Conrad J. Storad called just that - Rattlesnake Rules!

I personally am not a fan of snakes, especially rattlesnakes. Being a boy, Wyatt thinks snakes of any kind are pretty awesome. As soon as this book came in the mail Wyatt was anxious to read it. The illustrations by Nathaniel P. Jensen are quite appealing to a young boy!

The story starts as a mother snake is teaching her babies all about themselves, then she makes sure that they understand rules of survival. Along with the reader the baby snakes learn all about how and what to eat, surviving the elements, and even how to protect themselves from humans! The next part is rules for humans, and we learn what to do if we encounter a rattle snake.

Once the story has ended we were able to read through pages of rattlesnake facts, facts vs. myths, and more. As a homeschooling mom I was thrilled that included in the book is a curriculum guide - words to learn, craft ideas, and questions for the kids. I plan to do a snake lapbook and lesson unit in the spring and I can't wait to add Rattlesnake Rules to our booklist.

Overall this is a great book that the entire family enjoyed! It is on sale right now at
Five Star Publications for $12.88, which is a great price for this book.

Disclaimer: This book was provided free by Five Star Publications.

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Becki S said...

Sounds like it would make a great Christmas idea for boys. Or girls, I suppose, but mine don't like snakes either!! I'm glad they talked about what to do if you encounter one.