Monday, October 19, 2009


This past week the kids and I had the privilege of reviewing Bubber, a really fun modeling compound. Timberdoodle sent us a bucket of green Bubber, a Castle Mold set, a spoon/knife tool, and a mirett.

I was so excited to open this package and see my kids' excitement! They love to play with similar modeling 'dough' and I knew they would be thrilled to test out a new product. We really like the bright green color, but Bubber also comes in blue, red, purple, white, or yellow.

The Bubber is so lightweight, soft, and not gritty. I actually enjoyed just squishing it in my own hands, and found myself stopping to play with the kids each time I walked by.

Did I mention that my kids sat for hours and played with this stuff? Natalie (5) said that she likes the soft feel when she rubs it on her hands. She has spent the most time playing with the Bubber, making homes for her toy horses and using the knife to cut and pretend to cook.

Wyatt (7.5) immediately figured out the castle mold set and he was quite proud of his creation! While some pieces of the Castle Mold Set aren't compatible with Bubber, my kids still used each piece and never complained. The tools are all very well made and i'm sure that they will last us for years!

The Bubber definitely crumbles and you will have little pieces all over the floor, but I found it very easy to clean up. A few pieces have made their way onto the carpet, but fortunately this stuff doesn't stick to the fibers!

I am sure that we will be adding more Bubber to our set very soon! Visit Timberdoodle to see all of the details and to order yours.

The prices for everything that i've mentioned are as follows:
Bubber is $10.50; Mirett is $2.25; Spoon/Knife is $.95; Castle Molds are $4.95.

Thank you so much Timberdoodle for allowing us to review this product for you!
Here are a few pictures of my kids enjoying their Bubber:

"This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Timberdoodle for this review."

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