Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you drink Coke or Pepsi?

Just wondering! We are a Coke family! I love Diet Coke and drink a few too many a day. But I joined the Coke Rewards program and found that it's actually very profitable. It doesn't take long to earn FREE stuff. In fact if you enter the codes from just two 12 pack boxes of Coke you'll have enough points to get a free 20oz Soda. And sometimes it's just nice to have a 20oz soda in your hand when you're walking around the grocery store looking for deals. It tastes even better when it's me :) I actually usually save most of my Coke Reward points to earn gift cards to Omaha Steaks and their steaks, chicken and burgers are so tasty!!!

If you want to join the Coke Rewards Program just click the link over on the sidebar under "google ads." If you don't see the ad for it, just scroll through them until you see it! It's a great rewards program. I join the rewards program for just about everything and this one is really good.

The Disney Rewards program is good too, if you're family watches & buys a lot of Disney movies.


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