Monday, October 5, 2009

I ran over to CVS this afternoon to do the Dove/Degree deal that Judy highlighted below (which I paid for using ECB's from previous transactions), but also to get the above!
If you buy $10 in participating Nestle products, you get $5 ECB back.
2 Edys @ $3.50 each
2 Coffee Mate @ $2.99 each
1 Tone @ $1.88
I used:
$2/2 Edy's from the Nestle home mailer
$1/2 CoffeeMate from Nestle home mailer
$1 off Tone (printable linked in post below)
I paid with $10 ECB from the Dove/Degree deal, .88 cents out of pocket, and earned back
$6 in ECB!
I suggest you always sign up for coupon booklets and samples that you see linked. You never know what great coupons you'll get! If you didn't get that one, you can find $1/2 coffee-mate in the 8-09 Red Plum insert.
OR, even better--print 2 of THESE! I hit my limit and had already used them.
For the Edy's you might have some from the 8-23 Red Plum.

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