Friday, October 16, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

Do any of you hunt for coupons at Old Navy Weekly? The site is updated on Thursday nights with a new ad, and you have to click around and do certain things to find coupons. Last week I scored a 25% off your entire purchase and we got some great deals. This week, find the bracelets in the model's bag, then drag them and put them on another model's wrist. You'll score a 25% coupon, too!
If you click on the black model's boot, you'll get a $10/$50 purchase.
I have never, ever been lucky enough to get the $75/$100 purchase, but wouldn't that be awesome!!??


Kristi said...

Hey! I was at Old Navy today and they have an additional 50% off all women's already marked down clothes. There is alot of stuff...especially summer clothes. I bought short-sleeved shirts for $2.99!

the*4*of*us said...

that would be awesome with the coupon--maybe I can sneak over there this weekend :)