Saturday, May 22, 2010

So how did you do?

So did you head to any yard sales this morning? How did you do???

My favorite find was this brand new chair (plastic still on it) for $50. I'm still not sure where I'm going to put it, but I love it and needed it since I seem to have a lack of seating in my house!
My best deal was this Leapster L-Max with headphones, a carrying case and nine Leapster games for $35.00!!! That's an awesome price!
So leave a comment and let us know what your
favorite find and your best deal were! It's always fun to share when you get a great deal!
And if you want to post about your finds on your blog you can link it up here with the Linky Tool below. This is the first time we've ever used this, so lets see if we can get it to work.


Jerri and Dustin said...

Ugh! No yard-saling for me this weekend. I did spend the last 2 weekends yard-saling though. My best deal was a brand new wrought iron patio set (with cushions) for $25. I also bought a new crib & mattress for our new baby coming in August. I paid $60 for that, not bad considering it was used for one child & only 2 years old!

Looking forward to next weeks yard-sales!

Love the chair, by the way! I'd love to find one like it for the nursery...

Holly said...

I have yardsale envy - love your finds. I had a leapster on my list but couldn't find one. I'll just have to keep searching ebay! I'm hoping to post about my finds tonight and will link to you post!