Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Freebies!

Here is a list of "birthday clubs" that you can sign up for to get freebies mailed or emailed to you! Let us know of any that we missed!

Red Robin--free burger coupon

Baskin Robbins--free scoop on your birthday

Famous Dave's BBQ--a free suprise item (coupon emailed)

Red Lobster -- not sure of the item, but you'll get a coupon emailed

Dairy Queen -- possibly free blizzard.

TGI Friday's -- free appetizer or dessert

Bob Evan's -- free kid's meal

Rita's -- free birthday treat

Sonic -- free kid's meal

Toys R Us -- in the past they sent $3 gift card

K-Mart -- $5 gift card and more! (kids)


kat said...

if the birthday falls during the winter when rita is closed they send email you a coupon for during the summer months. (typically they take your birth month and divide by half, ie october = 10/2 is a coupon sent for the month of may)

Anonymous said...

Bruesters gives you a b1g1 and cold stone gives you a coupon for a free icecream. Friendlys gives you a free ice cream and the kids have gotten free meal coupons.

Anonymous said...

Texas Roadhouse gives you a free appetizer, forgot that.