Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food Lion Scenario

How about a really good scenario for Food Lion?

I messed up on this one--sorry!!! The store I called told me the ice cream was $4.99, but the store I went to a bit ago has it priced at $6.49! Big difference, but still a good deal.
Below is the adjusted scenario!

3 Breyer's Ice Cream
1 Knorr Pasta sides

Use 1 $1.50/2 Breyer's facebook coupon
$5 instant savings

Total: $4.23!!

Hopefully this works out nicely for everyone, but if it doesn't let us know!


Heidi said...

I'm having trouble figuring out how you got to $20 for the $5 instant saving. Does it take the price on the shelf price?

Millicent said...

Food lion and weis run off of shelf price. I haven't done the deal but will try it later!

Heidi said...

I went last night, did three different transactions. I tried for the $10 off of $35. Did the shelf price and $10 only worked on one transaction. :( Is it written some where about the shelf price because I might go back and see if I can get my extra money. The customer sales person was very nice last night, but didn't seem to understand at all what I was trying to explain to her.

Megan K. said...

I had trouble tonight too....went ahead and got 4 Breyer's b/c of the coupons and we needed ice cream...anyway, I specifically asked the cashier if it came off and it did, he showed me on his screen but it never came off on my receipt. I went back within 30 minutes and he verified it to customer service and she gave me the 5 dollars. So I don't understand what happened there.