Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free and Cheap Oscar Mayer at Martin's/Giant

You may have noticed in your SS insert from the weekend that Martin's/Giant has a promo on select Oscar Mayer products--buy 3 and get an instant $3 off.
I wanted to confirm some of the prices before posting the deal!
Use $1/1 from 5-15 SS or printables from our sidebar ( and you can get them free or really cheap!
You can also go HERE and "like" lunchables on facebook to print a $1/1 coupon.  You will have to upload a picture and add an "orange smile" to it, but I just grabbed a random pic from my photo album!

The Flatbreads and Subs end up free after coupons and instant savings.
The Lunchables with fruit are .69 cents each, and the Cracker Kits are .29 cents!!  
GREAT  price!


Megan K. said...

Judy, is it one instant savings per transaction only?

Millicent said...

we haven't tried more than one per transaction--if you do, let us know! It runs through the 28th so plenty of time to try it!

Megan K. said...

Cool! I also saw that Kraft still has their savings promo thru the 31st of May. Cooking Creme ends up being free again.

Millicent said...

where did you see that??? Same products??

Charlene said...

I did four deals in the same transaction today and all four worked, however the subs were $1.00 each after coupons and savings. they are 2/$6.00 so 3 was $9.00 then $1.00 off for the coupon and $1.00 off each for the instant savings made them $1.00 each.

Megan K. said...

Re: Kraft savings - i saw it on the "moms need to know" comment section for her match ups for this week. I knew it was still working too when I bought the Kraft Homestyle mac and cheese b/c I saved an extra 2 dollars when I bought 4 this past Sunday. Anyway, that commenter said it runs till the 31st of May.