Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Monday--Baked Spaghetti (I mix an italian Cooking Creme with  my sauce--yummy!) and bread
*Free pasta, .50 cent spaghetti sauce, and Free cooking creme.  Free bread b/c it is a specialty mix that was given to us.
Tuesday--Tacos (using up some of the free dinner kits from a FL deal, before they expire)

Wednesday--Lasagna Hamburger Helper (again, using up 2 boxes that were free, before they expire)

Thursday--Crock Pot Rotel Chicken, green beans, and pasta on the side. (chicken that was marked down and I used .75/1 coupon that doubled.  Ro-tel tomatoes were from a free deal last summer, Bird's Eye green beans were .30 from last week, pasta was free at FL last fall). 

Friday--Voila (2 packs free from FL when they were BOGO and I had $3/1 coupons).

Sat/Sun my Mom will be cooking for us!

Since I'm doing most of my cooking "from the pantry" this week I don't have much on my list.  I have to pick up 2 packs of ground beef, coffee creamer, milk and bread.

Visit Organized Junkie to see more menus--it's fun to get ideas!!
If you post your menu be sure to let us know!!


Megan H. said...

FYI the Weis coupons on facebook update. The $5/$50 is gone, but here are bread and icecream coupons.

Crystal S said...

I love to do the meal planning from the pantry! We save so much money! This week I didn't have to go shopping!