Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day

Don't forget Father's Day this weekend!  
What fun things/gifts do you have planned?

My husband likes to do something simple outdoors, so we'll probably picnic, hike, and/or fish!

What frugal ideas do you have?


Leigh said...

since we have 4 kids we do alot of camping and just so happens thats what my husband wanted to do this weekend so we going to cowans gap!!!

Millicent said...

Leigh--that is exactly where we wanted to be this weekend, but we have other obligatioins keeping us close to home! Have fun!!

Judy said...

I usually put together a gift basket for my father in law with all kinds of men's products and toothpastes, etc...and it lasts him the entire year :)

Heidi said...

I buy a paper of white undershirts each year. Then we trace one of our three kids hands on each shirt over the heart area of the shirt. Then the kids write their name on the bottome of the shirt with their hand traced on it. The kids are always excited then when they see Daddy wearing one of their shirts and they always want to see who's it is. Then they like to check to see if their hand has grown. It's fun to see the difference in how they write their name also through the years. It's fun, cheap and practical since Daddy wears dress shirts to work every day!