Monday, June 20, 2011

Freecycle is a wonderful site that helps you to not only find things that you need/want, but also helps you to quickly get rid of stuff!
It was designed to help keep items out of landfills and has grown to millions of members all over!!

I joined sometime in 2004 and love it!  I've scored some amazing finds just by posting a "want" through the group.  An awesome bike just a few weeks ago for my 9 year-old, clothing, a lawnmower wagon, toys...I could go on and on! 

Freecycle can be a little confusing sometimes but it's really not hard.  Go to the Freecycle website and sign up to join your local network.  Post a "want" or "offer" and it will be delivered to the email inbox of users.

  If someone wants what you have, they'll email.  If you see something offered that you'd like to have, email the person.  You work to arrange pickup (I often sit stuff out on my porch for people to pick up).

If you're a member of Freecycle and have a tip for those who are new or thinking of joining, leave a comment!

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