Thursday, June 16, 2011

Magazine Subscription Deal!

Through June 27th you can earn a $25 ecertificate for purchasing magazines through our link!  Be sure to browse--you could buy 2 or 3 All You, or pick up some others for a gift!
Go HERE to see your options! 
* Important for All You buyers that want to double up: If your readers would like to buy multiple subscriptions of the same magazine to receive at the same time, they will need to put different names on the subscription (address can be the same), otherwise it will be treated as consecutive subscriptions (e.g. 2 years instead of 2 subscriptions x 1 year).**Remember, All You is the magazine that we recommend for lots of coupons!!

For a purchase of 2 subscriptions (minimum cost of $10 per subscription) you will receive a $25 ecertificate (minimum cost of $10 per subscription)
For a purchase of 3 subscriptions (minimum cost of $10 per subscription), you will receive a $50 ecertificate

Thanks to Crystal for the idea--we've launched an online fundraiser with a magazine-sales site!  
The All You magazine is an available choice and you can get it for .83 cents an issue!!!!
You can go HERE to check out all of the magazines!

Now, while I'd like to say that we're raising money for my husband's gas budget, that isn't true :).
We will be saving the proceeds to put toward a non-profit organization closer to Christmas time, and we'll let you know the details in September and more ways you can help!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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