Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Get Great Deals Online


1. Join and/or
When you join ebates (that's the one I've joined you get Up to 25% Cash Back at Over 1200 Stores – Sign-up Free! Click Here)
2. Use to search for promotional codes.
3. Use Google and type in the name of the online store you’re shopping at and the word “promotional code” to find more promotional codes.
4. When you are ready to actually buy something and you already have a promotional code:
a. Log into your ebates account (or shopathome)
b. Type in the name of the online store you want to shop at
c. Ebates will take you to that store automatically (don’t log out)
d. Make your online purchase as you normally would and use a promotional code at check out.
e. Always try to use more than one promotional code, sometimes the website will let you, so it’s always worth a try.
f. Every few months you will get a check from Ebates/ Shopathome!!!

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