Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buy it Now!!! September Ideas!!!

Save money by stockpiling certain items now!!
On Clearance Now:
BBQ supplies, charcoal, fluid (store safely!), sunscreen, self tanners, bug repellent anything, citronella candles, swim toys & accessories, paper products, lawn furniture, patio anything, any type of summer apparel; swimwear; footwear and so on. (Summer items are 75% off at CVS right now)

For big sales and doorbuster items, think back to school. Anything back to school is on sale now and will be for a couple of weeks. Get those penny and dime items and stock up on them for the year. Also, even if you aren’t sending a kid off to college, if you have a teen and you want to update their bedroom, now is the time. Take advantage of the sales on dorm supplies, and the selection at this time of year is at it’s best.

Also for back to school, think lunches and snacks. Juice boxes, peanut butter & jelly, lunchables, single-serve packs, snacks–all that stuff is at it’s best price right now and we won’t see huge discounts on this stuff until round two of back to school which is the first week of January. Get what you can now to avoid paying full price later.

How much should you stockpile? Take into consideration how much your family will use in a 3 or 6 month period, and how much storage space you have. Don’t go crazy....hoarding is not nice ....stockpiling what you actually need is just fine.

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