Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weis: Catalina Deal (another thought!!)

UPDATE: The National Catalina is no longer printing for this deal. Sorry :(  I hope you got it before it was gone. The Weis Store catalina is still printing but the manufacturer one is not. It's still a good deal, but not great!

I had a thought this morning about the Del Monte Fruit deal at Weis. I did not try the deal with the canned veggies, although the canned vegetables are a part of the Weis $4.00 catalina deal. I don't know if they're part of the National Catalina deal too. So if you use canned vegetables, try buying 12 of the Del Monte cans of vegetables and see how many catalinas print. You should get at least (1) $4.00 cat. Make sure you report back here to let us know how it turns out!!!!!!!!!!! I'm curious!!!

P.S. Make SURE YOU BUY 12 cans of veggies!!!!!!!!


Megan K. said...

I did buy the veggies and it works with 11. I did it twice and several other people did as well when I was in the store on MOnday evening - both catalinas print. It also works on diced tomatoes - again you need to buy 11.

Mary Harsh said...

I tried it on veggies at the Weis in Hagerstown on the Dual Highway...bought 11 cans and only got one Catalina...this was Tuesday afternoon. Wonder if the above commenter was in PA? The canned fruit transaction worked though with out any trouble.
Cheers, Mary

Megan K. said...

Yes, I bought my veggies in Chambersburg and got both catalina's.