Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Are you wondering where we've been??

Sorry for the lack of posting. Usually when one of us has something going on the other one can cover, but not lately.

My (Judy) little boy spent a few unexpected days in the hospital. He's home now, but we are still trying to recover around here. I haven't even looked at a sale flyer this week and I didn't get a newspaper (gasp!) last weekend. I know, I know....SHOCKING!  So thankful for our stockpile!!! It's been great that with everything going on I haven't "needed" to go shopping.

Millicent has been out of town. But she'll be back in action soon!

In the meantime, happy couponing!!!

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Michelle Wilkinson said...

I tried leaving a comment for you yesterday, but not sure it went through correctly. I just wanted to thank you both once again for helping my family stretch our tight budget! Hoping for a quick bounce back for your family to return to its "normalcy". =)