Thursday, November 10, 2011

Changes and a Contest!

There are some big changes that will be
taking place on our site over the next week.

First off, we are losing our "Deal"ightful Savings name and blogspot.  
This it completely out of our hands and we are definitely sad about it.

We have talked and prayed and talked some more about what to do (continue blogging, just have a facebook page, or quit altogether).

We have decided at this point to continue with our site.  
We have gotten a little feedback and feel like maybe we DO have readers out there
who would miss us--even though you guys are so quiet!

Now we need your help!!

We need a new name and we want our readers to name us!
  It cannot contain the word "Deal"ightful in it.  That's the only rule.
Email all suggestions to 

Judy and I will choose our favorite new name and winner will get 
a $10 Gas Card and a $5 Starbucks Card!!

We will take suggestions through Sunday night and then we'll choose the winner!  
Now, these changes are going to mean a new address for our blog, new email, please hang in there while we get everything worked out.   The site will look identical, just with a new name!
For a short time our old domain will be directed to the new site,
but I'm not sure how long that will be.   

Thank you for supporting us!

Millicent and Judy


Becki S said...

So glad you've decided to change names instead of giving it all up. I would definitely miss you girls and all the wonderful information you give us!!

Megan K. said...

Oh my goodness!!! I, too, am glad you are continuing! I check your blog daily, if not several times a day! You two are the best!

Krista S. said...

I'm thankful you girls are going to continue! I read your blog at least a couple times a week! Thanks for all you do to help us save money!!

Brenda W. said...

I read your blog at least twice a day. So glad you are continuing because I don't have Facebook. Thanks.