Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TARGET Clearance

I went to Target in Chambersburg this morning (and forgot my coupon binder...oh the irritation...but anyway...) and they have TONS of red clearance stickers on everything.
Most of the school supplies are now on clearance, including a whole row of kids Hanes socks, t-shirts and underwear. Paper towels and even tissues had clearance stickers on them!
I also found some great deals on toddler girl clothes.
Playtex sippy cups on on sale for $5.00 for a two pack of the insulator cups, which I think is a fabulous deal.
Glade scented oil candles in the little tin are still on sale for $1.66. Look inside the tin for a -$1.50 coupon! Now that's a great deal!

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