Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HOT!!! Weis Del Monte Deal

This is sooooooo exciting!! I literally did a little jig when I figured out this deal yesterday!
The Del Monte fruit bowls are on sale at Weis this week AND they're part of a store catalina deal AND they are part of a national catalina deal from the manufacturer! You know what that means....super cheap and you don't even need any coupons!! WooHoo!! And the computer system at Weis this week is doing some funky stuff which makes for an even better deal.
Here's the scenario (I promise it works even though when you look at your sale flyer you think you're going to need to buy more. Just trust me..it works!!)
Buy (6) packages of the Del Monte Fruit cups that are marked 2/$4.
Pay: $12.00 out of pocket
Get Back: (1) $4 National Catalina & (1) $4 Weis Catalina
That's like paying $0.70 per pack!!!!!

Hello!!! Time to stock up for those school lunches!

But wait...it gets even better with the canned fruit!

Remember...trust me on this deal. It will work. You do not have to buy 10 cans (remember the computer system in funky this week which is good for us)!

Buy (9) Cans of Del Monte Fruit that is marked $1.00 each
Total: $9.00
Get back (1) $4.00 National Catalina & (1) $4.00 Weis Catalina!
That's like paying $1.00 for 9 cans of fruit!!!

I did this deal Monday afternoon and it was working perfectly and the shelves were FULL of cans. I think I was the first one to figure this out....so hurry on over to Weis...just don't be a hoarder :)

Disclaimer: I have no idea how long the National Cat. is printing. The Weis Cat. will be printing until Saturday. So the sooner you do this deal the better.

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Becki said...

Just in time - I need fruit cups for lunchboxes! Thanks!