Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Food Lion Deal!

Here is my (millicent's) Food Lion trip today! Mine is a little different from Judy's..I forgot to take another Nuts coupon :( and instead of chocolate milk I got baby food. I love that every time I buy Gerber baby food I get a catalina (coupon printed with my receipt--today I used $1 off 3 organic foods) for Gerber! And it's a manufacturer, so I stack that with a FL store coupon ($1 off 3 Gerber baby foods). I really like to get the organic and this makes it a good deal!

I paid $4.98 for $38.97 worth of groceries! And those little packs of wipes are perfect for keeping in the car or diaper bag!

Thank you Southern Savers for the Food Lion Printables. She has a great blog that is very useful!!


Judy said...

Ok, remember when I sent you that email a couple months ago complaining about how I never find good deals at F Lion??? Ha! Those days are gone :) Thanks for helping me figure all this out! Do you think it would be okay to freeze the cheese??

dealightfulsavings said...

I asked my mom about freezing the cheese...she said it would make it little crumbly. So you might would only use it to cook with at that point. But, if you put it in a good container with a tight lid, it should last for quite a while!